Set in a world where an ancient form of extreme handball has become a global obsession, THE GAME is a live event featuring Frik du Perez (Milton Schorr), Tatiana Petrokova (Brendan Murray), Japie (Andrew Laubscher) and Shannon (Adrian Collins). It is generally wholly improvised, rehearsal work revolving around character and relationship development, meaning events are chaotic and unpredictable with participants simply playing THE GAME and letting what may unfold.

THE GAME was first unleashed in Cape Town in June of 2009 before travelling to the Grahamstown Festival, where it received the worst review in the history of humankind. “A waste of time and money..’, ‘I felt embarrassed to be a part of the human race…’, and ‘no talent, no story-line, no game…’ are just a few snippets from that landmark text. The review went on to form an integral part of the saga of THE GAME, as it continued to challenge attendees with it’s unique non-theatrical style.

Some responses from attendees have been:

It was like being on a fucking rollercoaster!”
“Shock and awe.”
“It’s the kind of thing I’d recommend to my friends. And my enemies.”
“I felt embarrassed to be a part of the human race.”
TOTALLY inappropriate.”
“funny as hell, brave as a motherfucker”
“I agree: TOTALLY innapropriate!”
“I have never seen a room of people laugh this hard.”

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